Appropriate Place To Store Wine

A wine that has been opened and improperly stored will affect the taste. Pay attention to the trick so that the wine can be enjoyed again whenever you want it. The rest of your wine can be refrigerated. Generally, white wine can be stored for two days while red wine can be stored for three days. You can also freeze the remaining wine in ice cube molds so that it can be used for cooking or drinking at any time. Ideally, wine is stored a room temperature or refrigerator, but of 18.3 to 20 degrees celsius is good enough. Unfortunately, not a few people do not know where is the most appropriate location to store a wine collection.

If you don’t finish your wine within two or three days of opening, keep it fresh. Use a vacuum pump to remove the air that enters when the wine bottle is opened so that it can last up to 10 days. Some red wines last longer because they contain tannins, a natural preservative. Meanwhile, white wine lasts longer than red wine after opening because it has an acidic content in it. It is recommended that you avoid putting your wine collection in the following four locations:

– On top of the fridge. The heat from the refrigerator or microwave will heat the wine, making it completely undrinkable.

– Window sill. This area is the hottest area around the house. Exposure to sunlight that continues to infiltrate from the window will heat and spoil the wine.

– In the refrigerator for a very long time. If you decide to keep it refrigerated, make sure the wine runs out within two weeks. Letting wine cool down for a long time can cause the same damage when it gets too hot.

– Kitchen cabinets. Cooking activities make the kitchen feel hot. Not the right location to store wine.