Get Stylish Gold Jewelry At Affordable Prices

Gold jewelry is one of the mandatory jewelry or accessories for women. In addition to supporting the look every day because of the beautiful form of jewelry used, jewelry also makes users more confident. But unfortunately, most gold jewelry is synonymous with luxury items and expensive prices. This is what makes many women have to think long about having attractive gold jewelry at an affordable price. But for now, you don’t have to worry anymore, you can have high-quality gold jewelry at affordable prices, like this jewelry product, the BONNIE JENNIFER. This type of jewelry has various forms, not only in the form of bracelets but also provide jewelry in the form of necklaces and rings.

The model of this jewelry product is very popular. The shape is unique, some are like beads, some are like pearl grains, which of course are all coated with gold. As we know that gold material, has two types, namely yellow gold and white gold. For yellow gold, usually uses a mixture of metals such as zinc and copper. As for white gold, it has a mixture of nickel, silver, and platinum as well as other materials. The appearance given by the two types of gold is also quite different, this all depends on the taste of each person.

Besides gold, of course, there is silver jewelry. This type of jewelry has an attractive appearance and the price is also quite affordable when compared to gold jewelry. Silver is very popular for making jewelry. Pure silver has a soft nature so it still requires a mixture of other metals to be made into beautiful jewelry. This type of silver jewelry has many fans because of its charming appearance. At least silver has a fairly economical price compared to white gold jewelry. However, you should also take care of it because silver jewelry will turn black if you use it often.